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After a decade of empowering brands, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate, but more importantly, thank all of our clients, friends, family, and followers that have been on this ride with us. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be here. So, thank you—here's to the next 10!

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January 2011

Matt registers Leverage, LLC with the Secretary of State and Leverage New Age Media (DBA at the time) was born!

January 2011

Our first client, Green Guys, enters our lives. And, they're still an active client of ours today! (How about that then-and-now web transformation 😮)
January 2013

Laura joins Matt as partner and Creative Director.

November 2013

We joined the cool kids and hopped on board the Instagram train. We even used one of those cool new filters everyone was talking about. To this day, it still only has 2 likes 😂 (shout out to our ride or die day 1-er @mlkot22). #respect🙏

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October 2014

Leverage goes viral! We created a social media comparison infographic and the internet went bananas for it.

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January 2015

We branded our first event—the Nestlé Purina Digital Summit.

February 2015

Abbey joined the Creative team. Thankfully, she liked us enough to stick around and is now Senior Creative. She helps keep us trendy!

November 2015

We welcome our first office pup, Winslow.

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June 2015

Leverage was definitely growing quickly in these days. This time, with the addition of the first Leverage baby—Hi, Mason! 👋 #partyon

January 2016

With several new team members, we definitely needed more space, so we started an office renovation. Bye Bye waterfall, hello new diggs.

February 2016

The Leverage twins 'crash' their own baby shower! On the eve of a surprise office shower for Laura, the twins decided to come early. It's okay, though, Laura still got to enjoy her cookies at the hospital.

February 2017

With all of the changes going on, it was time to freshen up our own brand. We redefined our visual identity and messaging around the mantra, "Be Useful. Be Kind. Be Fearless."

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August 2018

Our friends at WWT hired us to work on our first major video production. We've been hooked ever since.

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November 2018

We launched a campaign in support of Movember to fight prostate cancer by selling t-shirts—that is, until Movember sent a us a cease and desist (yes, that really happened 🤷‍♂️🙈). We were still able to raise some money for a good cause, though.

Let it grow, bro
January 2019

We were all-in on our company mantra (and we may have been antsy for some office change) so Abbey painted it across a big wall in the office. 😍

January 2020

Another new face! We welcomed Andy to help with new business strategy and marketing expertise.

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March 2020

Something happened in March 🤔

Anybody? ...

Oh yeah, a global pandemic hit! We all packed up and headed home never (yet) to return. 😭

Rest of 2020

It's all a blur, but despite the madness, we managed to bring in several big time awards during a global pandemic. Small Business Monthly named us one of the "Most Innovative Companies" and a "Best Marketing Firm" in St. Louis. Our client work for muros earned a Graphic Design USA award and was an Awwwards honoree.

103 Unique clients accounting for hundreds of different projects
122 Fully custom websites designed + developed
1 Client site launched via cellphone HotSpot while trapped at LaGuardia (🤫)
20 thousand+ Hours spent brainstorming
2.5 Terabytes of PhotoShop files
3.6 million Lines of code
5,263 Hours of Spotify streaming
49 lbs of starburst jellybeans consumed
867 Curse words muttered over broken printers

And onward we go! While looking back and reminiscing on the past is fun and nostalgic, as creatives, we can't help but always be thinking about the next idea, the next project, the next challenge. We crave opportunities to put our skills to the test and produce great work. And so, we look forward to what the next 10 years will hold as we continue to tackle each day with the goal to be useful, be kind, and be fearless in everything we do. Now, back to work!

Matt Kreikemeier